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Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) combine proven technologies including JavaScript, Extensible Markup Language (XML), dynamic HTML (DHTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and the Document Object Model (DOM) to enable the delivery of interactive Web applications. AJAX-based Web applications no longer have to reprocess and resend the entire Web page to the end user's browser every time anything changes on the page. As a result, advanced features, like seamlessly populating a Web form with the name of the city when the zip code is entered, can be delivered without having the user sit through the awkward dead time of a complete page refresh. Accelerating the adoption of AJAX is the underlying technologies that are already supported by hundreds of millions of browsers worldwide, and are ready to deliver a cool interactive surfing experience to the end users. Is it r... (more)

Overcome the Frustrating Lack of .NET Deployment Tools

Developing custom applications using Microsoft's .NET Framework is a growing trend. According to Forrester Research, 56% of enterprises are choosing .NET versus 44% opting for J2EE, while IDC reports that 35.7% of large corporations use .NET for their most important applications compared to 25.3% for Java. While .NET lets your development team develop applications quickly and efficiently, it's still a challenge to make sure that: Applications get into production smoothly (and stay in production). Performance is optimized under real-world conditions involving the unruly Internet,... (more)

Managing the Performance of Complex Web 2.0 Applications

Web 1.0 - Where Experts Add Value In its relatively short lifetime, the World Wide Web has had a dramatic impact on the way information is presented and shared. Before the Internet and the web were available, "big media" companies invested heavily in expensive research, writing, editorial, printing, post-production, and broadcasting infrastructure to create compelling and thoughtful media assets for consumers. When these large media conglomerates realized that they had a new and growing audience online, they became early adopters of this new medium. Most simply provided access t... (more)

Needle in an App Stack

Although the .NET Framework simplifies the challenge of developing distributed Web applications, it increases the complexity of deploying, and then managing, those applications. The adoption of Web 2.0 techniques and SOA Web Services only amplify this complexity, making performance assurance a serious challenge as applications move from a limited staging server into a full-scale production setting. What is needed is a simple comprehensive system management approach to measuring performance from browser to database and triaging incidents. Using practical examples, this article wi... (more)

SOA World - Racing Without a Speedometer

Accelerators, Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs), application switches...whatever you call them, this new breed of performance enhancing appliances is selling like hotcakes. The market for these turbochargers has zoomed from zero to over $1 billion in the span of a few years, heading towards what Gartner estimates will be $3.7 billion in annual sales in 2008. Yet even as IT organizations are spending up to $100,000 a pop on these boxes, few have any idea how well they're working. These high-octane accelerators are like Formula One racecars without a speedometer - the pedal ... (more)